De Pas

a photographic intervention with Maria Veses Ferrer and Salva Borrego,
a project organized by Kunstainer for
artistic interventions Estació Creactiva.

More than 8 million people from all over the world are passing by at the
Bus Station of Tarragona every year. They are sharing this Microcosm without
getting in touch one with the other. The mobile Studio wants to show them
in the context of this spontainous surrounding and to give them the oportunity
to stop being anonymous, giving some basic information of their origin,
nacionality and destiny.

"In front of the lens, I am at the same time:
The one, I believe who I am, the one, I want the others
to believe that I am, the one, the photographer believes,
I am, and who exhibits my art." Roland Barthes

Exhibition from 30 of September 2010 to June 2011 at the
Estació Creactiva, Tarragona

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As a part of the Festival Internacional de Fotografía SCAN 2010
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